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Card Sort (Drag n' Drop)

The "card sort" term harkens back to the personal interviewing days when interviewers presented images or statements on cards for respondents to group into similar groupings. In the online arena, we do the same technique using drag and drop technology. This is still most popular for sorting items into groups, but can also be used as an alternative for large ranking or rating grids. Our solution is extremely customizable because we use javascript technology. We can have as many "drop" groups as you wish, resize on placement to mitigate scrolling, use a cascading placement like "solitaire", display groupings in subsequent questions, or anything else you can dream up.

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An alternative to standard ratings, sliders allow respondents to drag a pointer to select a rating. We can use a traditional fixed scale where respondents must choose a point viewable on the scale, most often a 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 scale. Another option is a more detailed scale, such as 0-100, providing a larger variance of responses.

Concept Clickers

A concept clicker is a very effective exercise to evaluate concepts and advertisements. Respondents are asked to click on words or phrases that they like or dislike. We can present the exercise with just the copy from the ad or concept, or present the complete advertisement exactly as it would appear. Often, we will follow-up a "likes" clicker with a "dislikes" clicker where the words and phrases selected in the "likes" question are viewable but can not be selected.

Button Grid

An image button grid provides a visual representation to respondents for each rating or selection in a grid, which makes it more fun and interesting. This can be used for either single select or multiple select grids. For example, a smiley face could be used to represent a likeness rating in a single-select grid. Or, respondents can be asked to select brands that match certain characteristics by selecting a brand's logo in a multiple-select grid.

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