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Survey Programming
Above all, our focus is to deliver quality data.

Advanced Capabilities
Using a proprietary programming tool, the brainchild of over 10 years of online research experience, we are able to deliver highly complex surveys with unmatched quality and value. Our capabilities include:READ MORE
  • Advanced research techniques (i.e. conjoints, max/diff, advanced quota logic, segmentation algorithms, etc.)
  • Popular interactive questions (card sorts, sliders, button grids, concept clickers, virtual shelf, and much more).
  • Custom templates adjust the survey look and feel to suit your individual needs.
  • Scalable platform to accommodate any size project.
  • Separate test and live platforms allow you to test survey changes without impacting live data collection.
  • In-Country Programmer with average 1 – 3 day turn-around.

Quality Data
A highly experienced In-Country Quality Control manager is involved in each study from start to finish.READ MORE
  • Manually testing the survey to verify questionnaire logic and text.
  • QC manager will write data-validation specs to ensure your data matches the requirements in the questionnaire.
  • A programming platform with unique capability to simulate hundreds of interviews so that we can check data PRIOR to launch which saves you money, time, and a lot of headaches.
  • A detailed review of your data for respondent integrity.
  • Automated checks are available with each survey to trap speeders, straight-liners, and duplicate respondents.
  • Research professionals evaluate your questionnaire to offer suggestions and add value.

Intercept Survey Solutions delivered one of the cleanest data sets I’ve ever seen. We didn’t have to pull anyone out of the sample and the labels were perfect. Thank you for making our job easier!
Under The Hood
It’s what you don’t see that counts.

Research Experience
Every programmer, project manager, quality control manager, and analyst on our team has at least 10 years of online research experience. We harness our expert knowledge, offering insight on the right methodology and questionnaire design to meet your research objectives.

In-Country Resources
Everyone on the Intercept Survey Solutions team lives and works in the US. We will never off-shore any of our services. In addition, you have direct contact with both programming and sampling to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Data Validation
A quality control manager writes data validation specs that identically mimics the logic of the survey. Coupled with our random data generator, we are able to check data before launch. While in field, we’ll check your data every day to be sure that everything is accurate.