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Survey Programming
Advanced programming, quick turnaround, low-cost, and exceptional quality
Robust Platform
  • A proprietary platform scalable to any size project.
  • Hosted in a secure data center; the production platform boasts 99.999% uptime.
  • Separate test and live platforms allow you to test survey changes without impacting live data collection. For trackers and wave studies, changes can be published incrementally to not impact the current wave.
Advanced Capabilities
  • Advanced research techniques (i.e. conjoints, max/diff, advanced quota logic, segmentation algorithms, etc.).
  • Popular interactive questions (card sorts, sliders, button grids, concept clickers, virtual shelf, and much more).
  • Custom templates adjust the survey look and feel to suit your individual needs.
  • Respondent friendly presentation (grid row shading, repeat scale headers, image buttons for radio and checkboxes, inactivate/activate back button)
  • Extensive rotation and randomization options to mitigate respondent bias (rotate questions/answers, blocks of questions/answers and within blocks, saving and loading previous rotations).
  • Media (images and video) can be incorporated a number of ways. We can do timed exposures, include a zoom/magnifier, and/or include security features to prevent piracy.
  • Streamlined process for translating multi-language surveys avoids copy/paste errors and delivers immediate turn-around.
  • Most surveys can be programmed and fully-tested within 3 business days. A typical timeline is 1-2 days programming and 1 day of Quality Control. If your timing requires less than 3 days, we are usually able to accommodate.
  • 24/7 availability of programming resources provides flexibility for those projects that require an immediate turn-around.
  • Same-day service on the majority of data processing requests.
  • No per complete charges (up to 10,000 completes)
  • We know changes are inevitable. A reasonable amount of changes is included in our standard pricing.
  • Extensive data validation and respondent integrity checks, as well as efficient quota management, eliminate the need for over-sampling, providing significant savings.
  • No additional fees for real-time reporting access
  • Dedicated QC Resource: A highly experienced Quality Control manager is involved in each study from start to finish. In addition to manually testing the survey, QC will write data-validation specs to ensure your data matches the requirements in the questionnaire. Your data is checked and verified daily during data collection.
  • Data Test: Our programming platform has the unique capability to simulate hundreds of interviews so that we can check data PRIOR to launch which saves you money, time, and a lot of headaches. For surveys with a number of logical twists and turns, we have found the data test to be invaluable in verifying the survey program before launch.
  • Respondent Integrity: Automated checks are available with each survey to trap speeders and straight-liners so that they are never included in your counts. Digital Fingerprint technology is available to trap duplicate respondents before they get into your survey. Finally, we'll manually examine open-ends and other criterion to identify and remove any fraudulent data.